Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bina Insan Guru - Pantai Merang, Setiu...

It's been quite a long time i didn't wrote anything in dis blog..
so, let me continue writing what is passing through my mind lately..
las week on 16 till 19 of april, my class and other 3 class, which is sains 1 & 2, and pemulihan and also my class.. join the BIG programme for the 1st time ever...
for dis bIg, we're required to have a 4 days and 3 night camping..
therefore, lecturer set us at Merang beach at setiu.. jetty to Pulau Redang..
it was an awesome experience ever..
for the 1st day my team has been given task to climb up a hill..
luckily the hill juz a short hill..
so, its kinda easy and fast..
the scenary up from the hill is fantastic.. we can see ocean from the balai cerap UDM..very nice scenary..
later, we're required to cook by ourself on dat day..
we're given rice and an egg...
so, we juz cook the rice and boiled d egg..
then when we, reach back to camp, before we went back to our camp, we need to pass through a river to get to our, it's very a WET situation, later we need to "solat" at the beach football turf..
solat at the sand of the beach...
what an experience..
on d next day, is water activity!! yeah!
we're required to have a swimming class with the JPA instructors at the sea..
after lunch break, we have a kayak class..
kayaking around the sea..
very2 HOT!! SUNBURN!!
but it was nice..
on dat nite we have malam kebudayaan..
like ordinary mlm kebudayaan, many shows being presented..
before went back on d next day, we have a little closing ceremony..
and guess what, i'm the mCee for d programme..
overall, it was fantastic and awesome experience ever!

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