Monday, June 1, 2009

IPGM Zon Timur 2009 KPLI 08 Convocation!!

For dis year convocation, like always as the year before, i still holding the staff for administration for the graduate.. but dis year, my team member changed.. with me is hafifi and another 3 gurls from unit science 2 which is ellie, syu, and sha..
leaving campus on thursday evening with mr tngku amran, he drop me at kubang kerian, later on ellie pick me up there and bring me to ipgm kB campus.. for my 1st night there, i'm staying alone in a room and alone in that level of the hostel... what the heck.. it was SCARY... duh~~ what do u expect from a really old campus that being build in japanese invasion era~~
On friday, i'm d only person fron sultan mizan campus going together with kB campus students for preparation for the convo hall.. when i arrived there a lecturer by d name pn faridah want me to call her "umi"... Wow.. other kB campus students said everyone call her umi.. so as i am.. huhu..
on that night i'm leavyng that room and stay with ku.. which is kB student.. also pn azrizan and mr nik student..
on saturday, is my working day... working as an administration staff for graduate student, most of the kpLi students january 08 intake is my fren...its great to meet them back... most of them posting at sabah and sarawak... boring working, me and my team walking around, floating at hUsm in d evening.. hehee..
on sunday, d big day... d convo day... our campus is on d second event which is in d evening.. on d 1st event in d morning is for kB and kT campus..
it was a huge and great convo.. i'm lucky meeting up back my sis and bro... well done !!
and i'm leaving kB back to kL in d night..
thx to nadzim.. he pick me up from kB campus to kBmaLL.. although we dont have enough time to have our dinner...

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