Sunday, July 12, 2009

Taman Negara Endau Rompin & Melaka~~ Waa~~

well, for today class, mr fauzi continue teach us history of Melaka~~ again~~ huh..
few friends make presentation bout it..
while i'm dreaming around in d class bout tmn negara project, suddenly it comes from no where, mr fauzi ask me to make a paper work for a field trip to melaka..
2 paper work need to do within this sem.. waaaa...
luckily tmn negara paper work almost finished...
only waiting for the tmn negara endau rompin authority to fax in the details...
hmmm.. do i look like i have any plan?? hahah..
maybe tmn negara before fasting month, meanwhile melaka trip after raya holiday~~
huh.. believe me.. it's really tiring...
but i enjoying it.. hehehe..
can't wait for it~!!

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