Sunday, September 6, 2009

Malaysia Independence Day Celebration~~

Maybe it's kinda late for me to jot something bout independence day celebration...
Just late for few days, but the spirit is still there.. AhakzZz..
Hello~~ Merdeka celebration is till 16 September ok.. Hehe..
Just jotting something because something make me realize that it is not easy to achieve independence, but not all of us really appreciate it..
I still remember last year is my very2 special independence day celebration because I'm one of the participant itself in the choir group for the celebration..
Although this year celebration is in simple celebration, but we as a Malaysian, are we really intend to celebrate it to the fullest??
Are we just celebrating it for ourself or just follow the others??
Do we raise our flag and sing the national anthem to the fullest??
Think about it...

By the way, this year IPGM team for Independence Day Celebration outfit is really2 odd.. Haaaa..
"Same with my grandma pillowcase" - My roomate~~ Hahahaha..

In Memoirs~~~

Training Time~~

Our Formation.. The Big Day~~

Nice outfit right?? At least better than this year~~

Patrick Star & Spongebob~~Weee~~

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