Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ooohh Melaka~~ Politeknik Merlimau Melaka 1st National English Debate Competition 2009...

11 hours in the bus~~
From Terengganu heading straight to IPGM Kampus Perempuan Melayu Melaka Just staying there..(our hotel~~)
The debate and organizer is Politeknik Merlimau and Higher Education Ministry...
For our team.. We are the second team~~ Hahaha..
Just want to let my junior be the 1st team..
be a bit humble~~ Hehehe..
1st day - Registration and briefing session...
What a good briefing session i've ever had..
Fabulous, fantastic and great~!
1st game... IPGM KSM2 (gov) vS ADTEC Melaka (oppo)
IPGM KSM2 win with split decision 2-1, margin 2...
I don't know what's wrong with it... but, we've done our best for our 1st game..
a quite odd and weird decision because the oppo team are reading from their prepared speech.. Huhu.. Whatever~~
2nd day.. UiTM KBM1 vS IPGM KSM2 (oppo)
a fantastic debate...
thx for the compliment from the adju..
a close but clear debate adju..
the debate goes to UiTM KBM1, with margin 4..
but we're very satisfied with the debate.. a good debate...
3rd debate.... UiTM KBM3 (gov) vS IPGM KSM2 (oppo)
still.... a close but clear debate..
unfortunately the debate goes to UiTM..
I guess it's my mistake a bit.. A lot I think.. sorry guys.. Huhu..
we need luck people!! Huhu..
the last game at the preliminary round,
the 4th game IPGM KSM2 vS Politeknik Johor Bahru..
luckily.. we won.. heheh..
margin?? I don't know bout that..
Unfortunately.. we did not manage to enter the quarter final round..
lacking few margin.. huhu...
In my view, this is quite my worst performance throughout all the debate tourneys i've joined..
Sorry guys.. huhu...
But still.. I've learned something from this debate tourney...
A good reply speech for my 4th game.. heheh..
Meeting new friends~~ from poli merlimau itself, uitm..
old debaters from uiam~~ haha..
but the best is the FOOD and the SERVICE!~~
the best hospitality ever in debate tourney i've joined~~!

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