Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy birthday Syahmi!!

It's magic how friend begins..
It's always mystery how it grows..
I'm truly proud to have him as one..
One of my best friend ever..

He's always be next to me each time I have problem..
(although certain of his ideas are totally crap~~haha..)
But he's really tend to help me get through all over the way..
(bringing me to the right path.. haha..)
Although I'm the one who always make him
angry, annoyed & sometimes sad
(thinking bout me~~haha..)
But u still my best friend ever!!
(almost 12 years I think...quite long..)

And I'm really proud to have him..

Happy Birthday Syahmi!!
Happy 21st..
Forgive me for all my wrong doings..
Love u always!!
(as a best friend~~ duh~!)
Have an awesome birthday!!

(Special dedication to him...)

p/s - SK Tmn Kosas --> SMK Bkt Indah -->IPG~
(almost 12 years right??)


  1. i totally agree with u~he's a crap!!
    weyh,bday aku nnt wat post cmni gak tau..XD
    aku knl syahmi ms tadika past lost contact..huahau

  2. haha.. ok2.. special wish dr ko..
    need 2 wait for next year pnye bfday la~~ haha..