Tuesday, July 7, 2009

B.eD 2nd semester (June - Nov 2009)

OMG~! I kinda hate this sem because of the course structure that need to be taken this semester...
No exception, want it or not, u need to take it~!
so, this is my subject for this semester...

1-Perkembangan Sejarah Negara (Love it!)
2-Geografi Persekitaran + Kajian Luar (Love it double!~)
3-Pergerakan Asas, also known as PJ!! (OMG!~I really2 hate this~! Really hate sports!) Huhu..
4-Murid & Alam Belajar (Start to love this subject!~)
5-Numerical Literacy~~ (OMG, maths again!~~ Huhu)
6-Literasi bahasa (Need to spend lots of money to make ABM)... Huhu..
7-English Language Proficiency 2 (This is ok la...)

result for the 1st semester??
8th july~!! can't wait for it~~!!! Huhu..

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