Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Teachers Day Malaysia!!

Nor Aliah : happy teacher`s day to Cikgu Azleyj,cikgu Lee Haruka,miss Akmal Farid,cikgu ADam Gipang,cikgu Sukiaya Badrun and cikgu Mohd Nazuandi Abdul Rahman,yng pernah mendidik saya...

**Special wish from my ex-student through facebook**

Start my day with wishes from my friends and
special wish from my ex-student from SK Taman Kosas, Ampang..
Awesome.. That kid still remember me..
Almost a year I left that school..
That's my ex-school from standard 1 till 6 and
I'm back teaching there last year for a week..
Thanks to all teachers from
Taska Al-Huda, SK Taman Kosas, SMK Bukit Indah, SMK Taman Melawati and
IPG Kampus Sultan Mizan..
All of your good deeds will always be with me till the end of my life..

"This pic taken in the year of 2003 - Celebrating Pn Norlia Birthday''
Which one is me?? Haha..

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