Monday, May 10, 2010

Social Study Department Family Day 2010

I had an awesome Social Study Department Family Day..
Start the day by Aerobik, Sukaneka and Futsal..
Seriously, I'm not good kicking those futsal ball~~Haha..

The Social Study Extravaganza Grand Dinner are awesome..
Everyone look extremely gorgeous..
Retro or black or red or white theme just suit us so much...
After all, it's all about LOVE ♥ ..

My Group - Group 6

Need to lift up Helmie~ As easy as eating nuts :)

Tired after futsal.. Totally not good in it..

Thx to Amar & Joe for the "unique backdrop!"

With Sis Ayuni.. It's her final year..
The only 1st batch and class of all
Social Study course in all IPG Malaysia..
(♥ them so much..)
If they fail the MQA, all of Social Study student at all IPG
are totally toast.. Haha..

With Amir and Zahar Pandazemo..
(There's the panda, the one who's wearing white hat)

With Cookies!!
This senior really crazy with hockey~

Well done guys.. Good work!


  1. ingtkn ko in love ke adam!~ i cn see ur bond is getting strong.=)

  2. haha.. thx love with frens of course..frens stay last forever..