Thursday, May 6, 2010

My new IC..

I should change my nationality to Japanese..
But "a tanned Japanese" said Taqim..
I look black and tanned in the new IC~!
I've done my IC at Maju Junction kL
and take the ic here at Kg Raja, Besut..
Situation in JPN Kg Raja, Besut
Before receive the card..
Staff : Gapo muko adik nampok hite dlm gmbo ni??
Me : Arh sudah.. Hitam ker??
Staff : amik gambor kat dale kampung ker??
Me : x la.. kat dlm office kat kL..
Once I receive the IC
Me : Ok.. agak gelap~
Staff : akak da ngoyak da..

One thing what I love government service is..
They are totally not the same as the private service..
Especially photography service...

Suddenly I remember that,
I'd renew the ic during my sbe period..
means that during school sports day rehearsal..

p/s - I'll be using that IC till the rest of my life kowt..


  1. yeke adam??nk tgk pic ko! xapppear pung~huhu
    tp kn,mak aku aritu ade wat ic bru,dia nyer pic pun nmpk dia gelap,tp mak aku lain skit,dia tekad nk wat yg br jugak,xmo yg dia br wat tuh..hakhak

  2. hahaa... aku x display la..
    segan2.. hahaha...
    j0m aku pakat ngn mak ko wat ic bru~~ hahaha..

  3. pernah merasai,,,gmbr kt ic x seperti y diharapkn,,cm hape je,,huhuhu